Farm and Ranch

Colorado Towne and Country, LLC Lists and Sells LARGE and SMALL FARM AND RANCH Properties with any Agricultural or Recreational use in the Denver Metro Area. We will also Market Large Lot Single Family Homes that have  no Agricultural Use.

CTAC  owns and Manages  Exclusive Farm and Ranch Services, LLC   which manages the National Website <> (EFAR) and we will  Market and Advertise all Large and Small Farm and Ranch Properties Over 10 Acres on this Website which has proven to be very Effective in this Highly Competitive and Specialized Area of Real Estate.

If your Property is in a County outside of the Denver Metro Area and is over 10 acres in size we will often, with your permission, Co-List or recommend a Farm and Ranch Broker that is a Member of EFAR and ask for a Referral Fee which will then be returned to the Property Seller less an agreed upon amount usually 10-20% depending on the Property Sale Amount.