CTAC Commercial

Colorado Towne and Country, LLC specializes in large lot Residential and Small Farm and Ranch Properties.The Commercial  Marketing and Sales Division of  Colorado Towne and Country, LLC  is  CTAC Commercial and all of our Commercial activity is done thru this entity so that we can Effectively Market and Sell Commercial Properties separately and without  dilution of time and interest with the Residential side of Colorado Towne and Country, LLC.

Timely Sales and Quality Marketing are the most important Services that we can offer and Commercial Real Estate  requires substantially different training, experience and expertise. The Managing Broker at Colorado Towne and Country, LLC has over 40 years of Commercial experience in a number of Commercial areas including Vacant Land and Farm and Ranch and all of our Commercial Brokers have a combined experience of over 100 Years in Commercial and Farm and Ranch Properties.

Colorado Towne and Country, LLC is a partner in another company Exclusive Farm and Ranch Services, LLC which has the Website https://exclusivefarmandranch.com which is a listing service for other Brokers and Real Estate Companies to Advertise their Farm and Ranch listings in all of Colorado and other Western States as well. We also specialize in Trades that have allowed many Commercial Owners to trade their Large Lot or Commercial properties into larger Farm and Ranch properties even in different States. Please contact us and let us show you how we can do this and save you money with through taxation and possibly with Capital Gains Taxes. This is a remarkable tool and can benefit both Buyers and Sellers of Commercial and Large Lot Residential Properties.